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QST 713

QST 713 has a potentiated necrotic entrities effect. Protects against other GIT infections Support treatment following coccidia infection. Mechanizm of Action. Produce natural antibacterial substance like bacteriocin subtillin. These spores have dual respiration possibility and exert its positive effect. Compositions:- Each 1 liter contains: Product Specification         Ingredients  Bacillus subtillis spores 2 x 10 11CFU/ml   Bacillus …

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When it comes to the immune system, the most important nutrients should come from a healthy, balanced fresh food diet. Ideally, diets should be biologically appropriate – similar to what animals would eat in the wild – and should already include a number of immune-boosting ingredients such as those containing vitamin C, E and zinc. …

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Aspecific Strong Immuno-Modulator Product. Improve cell mediated immunity and infection release. Improve humeral immunity and lymphoid organs. Cuts down the viral replication cycle. IM-TRON MODE OF ACTION 1-Gylcyrrhizinic acid: Inhabits the protein phosphorylation with kinase-P,which it binds direct ly to reduce the kinase activity during viral replication. It has been reported to promote the activation …

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