QST 713

  • QST 713 has a potentiated necrotic entrities effect.
  • Protects against other GIT infections
  • Support treatment following coccidia infection.
  • Mechanizm of Action.
  • Produce natural antibacterial substance like bacteriocin subtillin.
  • These spores have dual respiration possibility and exert its positive effect.


Each 1 liter contains:

Product Specification         Ingredients
 Bacillus subtillis spores 2 x 10 11CFU/ml  
Bacillus lechniformis spores     2500  mg
Copper (Copper methionine) 2000  mg
Sodium butyrate (ester form) 100      gm
Carrier up to liter
  • QST 713 combines actions of Bacillus Subtilis Spores,bacillus lechniformis Spores,copper methionine and Sodium butyrate (ester form).
  • QST 713 protects against other GIT infections.
  • QST 713 decrease intestinal microbial load through its anti-microbial effects against clostridia infections.
  • QST 713 decrease nutrient loss due to bleeding.

Indications:- -Clostridia infection,treatment and prophylaxis, -Growth promoter to improve weight gain and FCR. -Help preventing the subsequent clostridia infections and to reestablish intestinal wall integrity

Dosage :

  • Prevention:- 50ml/1000 bird for 3 successive days.
  • Treatment:- 1 ml/1 L for 3 to 5 successive days.

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