Aspecific Strong Immuno-Modulator Product.

  • Improve cell mediated immunity and infection release.
  • Improve humeral immunity and lymphoid organs.
  • Cuts down the viral replication cycle.


1-Gylcyrrhizinic acid:

Inhabits the protein phosphorylation with kinase-P,which it binds direct ly to reduce the kinase activity during viral replication.

It has been reported to promote the activation of interferon and toinhib it the growth of several DNA & RNA viruses.


-Make the thymus bigger and increase the number of T cells,so it cuts down on infection through enhancing the immune response.

3-Prop ion bacterium granulation:

Improve morph metric indices of the lymphoid organs (bursa of fabricius and spleen) and the zootechnic parameters in natural and experimental infection.

IM-TRON improves gut health and performances in poultry and livestock in three steps.

  • First step: Improves the microbial quality of water by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic microorganisms ( E coli, Salmonella, yeasts and molds)
  • Second step: Reduces the pH in the crop and stomach. This leads to an improvement of the feed digestion and inhibits the growth of pathogens like  E coli & Salmonella
  • Third step: Promotes the growth of saprophytic flora (Lactobacillus ).

Each 1 liter contains:

 Mannan oligosaccharides (Saccharomyces   cerevisiae cell wall) 50       g  
Beta – glucan (Saccharomyces cerevisiae cell wall)     40       g
Selenium(sodium selenite) 800  mg
Sorbitol 45       g
Malic acid(88%) 22       g
Glycyrrhizinic acid (licorice extract) 200  mg
Arginine 20       g
Distilled water up to 1         g

Contraindications:    IM TRON does not have any contraindications worth mentioning.

Side effects :IM TRON does not have any side powerfully increase the resistance of the animal.

Shelf life :  shelf life is 2 years. keep at room temperature.


To eliminate the effect caused by different immune suppressant factors.To upgrade the condition of the flock in general

 Dosage and Administration

 Poultry: Add. 0.25 – 0.5 ml/L  of drinking water for 5 days

 Packaging:  500 ML     

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